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On Demand Services

When your technology doesn't work as advertised, it can be a very frustrating experience. Traditional on-demand services are designed to get you back up and running fast, with both onsite and remote service available. We believe in going beyond the repair to offer a full solution, which is why we incorporate preventative measures into all of our solutions. All of the products that we suggest have been tested to insure that they will meet your needs. 

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Remote Monitoring

Remote Service

($60 per hour)

Maybe you don't have enough time in your schedule to block out a few hours for a technician to visit. Maybe you live too far away for the trip to be practical. Or, maybe you just want to be in comfy pajamas on a Saturday morning. Whatever the reason, remote services are available for you! 

Our technician will call to talk and will provide you with a remote link code or a direct link via email. Once they are connected you can watch as your tech moves about your computer and addresses your issues. You'll always be able to see what's going on and will be in constant communication with your technician. 

Powerful Computer

Onsite Service

($75 per hour)

Some problems don't allow for remote services and are too complex for a consultation to correct. When that happen either an onsite or offsite service will be necessary.

Environmental factors can play a big role in how technology performs. Computers talk to routers and printers, in a balancing act. Many things can cause a disruption of this ballet and being onsite lets us get a feel for how all of your technology is working together. 

Fixing a Computer

Offsite Service

($50 per hour)

Offsite services encompass a wide range of services. Some examples of offsite services include: 

  • Offsite computer or printer repair

  • Consultation Services (billed in 1/4 hour increments)

    • Personal shopping​

    • Research 

    • Phone, Email, SMS, & Video Consultations

Luxury Valet Service

White Glove Service


With our White Glove service you get priority on your repairs, and we meet you at your home or office to pick up your device. When the repairs are done we drop it off with you. Computers and printers will be cleaned and inspected prior to their return. This service is available as an upgrade for all offsite repairs.

Long Empty Road

Long Distance Service Fee


We don't like unnecessary fees and for most visits that fall within our service area we don't bill for travel. Unfortunately gas is expensive and this fee might have to be added if you live more than 25 miles from Springdale

White Glove & LD

Satisfaction Guarantee

All of our services come with a 60 day satisfaction guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with your service, let us know and we will do our best to correct the issue.

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